Managing Millions (Literally) in Profitable Facebook Ad Spend Since 2009

In 2009 I clicked publish on my first Facebook Ad - back in the day known as "Promoted Flyers" - in order to promote a party in college.

Little did I know that the awkward flyer I made in MS-Paint would actually kick start my career in digital advertising.

Since then I've worked with Fortune 500 brands like Toyota, e-commerce giants like Four Sigmatic & Buttercloth, Senator Mark Kelly and other congressional campaigns, and live person events like Wizard World Comic Con & the NYC Craft Cocktail festival.

I've profitably managed over $2,000,0000 in ad spend for one health food client in just 9 months, and helped launched a brand new DTC e-commerce brand from $0 to $29,000 in just under 30 days.

I'm currently seeking my new full-time opportunity, but I would also be open to ongoing consulting, part-time or freelancing.

Checkout some of my past results by clicking the CASE STUDIES button above, or click the SCHEDULE CALL button to setup a meeting and see if we are a good fit for one another.

Scaling Companies With Paid Traffic Since 2009: